Workman's Compensation
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Worker's Compensation

Insurance Companies Don't Pay for Work Related Injuries... You Do!


Workers' Compensation insurance presents a great benefit to both employers and employees alike; however, the lack of proper risk management, education, claims administration and safety management can quickly dilute the benefits for the employer. ISU Paragon provides your company with both a proactive and comprehensive approach to effectively managing risks and controlling costs while providing an improved health and safety environment for your employees.

Are you looking for a Workers' Compensation expert? We at ISU Paragon Insurance Sales are members of the WorkCompWisdom program. The WorkCompWisdom seal of approval confirms that an insurance agency has a demonstrated commitment to the software tools that can analyze your modification factor...and set you on the path to making improvements that you'll see on your bottom line.

We at ISU Paragon understand why you are left with the feeling that you are overpaying your Workers' Compensation, and we believe Workers' Compensation is an employer tax on workplace injuries. What business wants to pay more taxes?
ISU Paragon has developed practical and proven processes to improve your situation, and reduce your costs. Would you go up against the IRS without a tax expert on your side, probably not. So why go up against the Workers' Compensation system without your own expert.

ISU Paragon can help you:

  • Reduce employer's cost on employee injuries which leads to increased profit.
  • Positively impact the workplace environment.
  • Create an error and mistake free workers' compensation
  • Control overall insurance costs by helping you manage the annual premium audit process. There are numerous areas of
    concern that can cost you money.

Some of which are:

  • Premium audit overcharges.
  • High claim reserves.
  • Incorrect and mismanaged experience modifiers.
  • Injury costs spiraling out of control.
  • Hiring unproductive, drama creating employees that drive claim costs up and negatively impact the productivity in an organization.

    If you have over 3 employees, request a free Workers' Compensation Review. Put ISU Paragon to work for you! Click here for more information.
Workman’s Compensation
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